Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Half Dollars
1873 CL 3 NO ARROWS 50C PF

Description & Analysis

Thought the weight change which prompted the addition of arrowheads at the date for fractional silver coins came early in the year, it still bisected the mintage of halves, quarters and dimes into readily distinguishable entries. Some 600 silver-minor proof sets were coined by March 12, yet it's doubtful that more than half of these were actually sold before the new weight standard went into effect. The remaining coins were melted July 10, 1873 as obsolete.

The 1873 No Arrows proof half dollar does not seem to be especially rare, except in the higher grades. In this respect it is typical of the period. A fair number of Cameo proofs have been certified, along with an extremely small number of Ultra Cameo pieces.

All of this issue was coined with the Close 3, and it appears that new dies having the Open 3 were not ready before the arrowheads were mandated.