Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Quarters
1875 25C PF

Description & Analysis

The figure of 700 proofs given in most current references conflicts with the 630 mintage provided by Walter Breen in his 1988 encyclopedia. Indeed, this date is most elusive than most of its contemporaries, and Larry Briggs noted that there were fewer auction appearances than for any other quarter dollar proof of the 1870s and '80s. Gems are certainly in the minority, with Cameo proofs being particularly scarce.

Two die marriages are known for 1875, and each involves a unique pairing of obverse and reverse. One of the reverse dies, however, is the familiar one first used in 1872 with its wormy line piercing the left border of the eagle's shield. Both reverses are from the Type 1 hub on which letters TAT of STATES have broad bases and nearly touch.