Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Dimes
1866 10C PF

Description & Analysis

The coining of non-proof dimes at the Philadelphia Mint continued to fall in 1866, as silver coins were not in general circulation, except in the Far West. Collectors took little notice of this fact at the time, as the custom was to purchase only proofs each year and disregard both branch mint pieces and the non-proof Philly coins.

Sales of the annual silver proof set rose this year, probably in response to the addition of the motto IN GOD WE TRUST to the larger silver denominations. Even with 725 proof dimes struck this issue is not more common than those immediately preceding or following. Cameo pieces are scarce, while Ultra Cameo examples are genuinely rare.

Two die pairs were used for this date, Gerry Fortin's variety F-101 has a date that slopes downward from left to right, while F-102 (photos) has an upward slope.