Description and Analysis

Trade Dollars
1882 T$1 PF

Description & Analysis

The trade dollar was the only United States coin struck solely as proofs in 1882, but for several other denominations only token numbers of pieces were being struck for circulation. Three-cent pieces, quarter dollars and half dollars were coined in numbers just sufficient to discourage speculation in the proofs, but there was no circulation issue of trade dollars after 1878.

After fairly large mintages in February and March, proof trade dollars were coined monthly for the remainder of the year in numbers as small as 20 pieces! Some of this represents speculative purchases by dealers for store stock, but there was no quick "flipping" of these low mintage coins as has become common with some modern U. S. Mint issues.

The number of 1882 trade dollars certified is reflective of the relatively high mintage. Gems are available for a price, as are Cameo pieces. This appears to be the only date in the series for which a relatively high number of coins have been certified as Ultra Cameo, making 1882 a good candidate for the most advanced of type collectors.

The only varieties noted are quite trivial and likely reflective Walter Breen's occasional exaggeration of irregularities common to most coin types of the period.