Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Dimes
1873 ARROWS 10C PF

Description & Analysis

Opposed arrowheads flanked the date on dimes coined after passage of the sweeping Mint Act of 1873, and this feature lasted through 1874's production. The arrowheads denoted an extremely slight increase in weight so that the dime would have a more or less even Metric weight of 2.50 grams. The USA's flirtation with this system of measurement was relatively brief, and this gesture was utterly meaningless with respect to commerce. The weight change was so slight that dimes of the previous standard still fell within the legal tolerance for the new standard!

A total of 800 proof dimes with arrows was coined from a single pair of dies, and all of these feature the Open 3 date style. Overall quality was in decline during this period, with the result that Cameo proofs are quite rare, while Ultra Cameo examples are essentially unknown.