Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Half Dimes
1863 H10C PF

Description & Analysis

Starting this year a concerted effort was made to coin no more proofs than the Mint could sell, and the 460 sets produced for 1863 turned out to be a good estimate of actual sales.

The low mintage of currency pieces in 1863 has placed extra demand on the far more available proofs, though this has not really translated into higher prices. There are simply not many collectors of high grade half dimes by date. Both the proofs and the currency strikes that followed them from the same die pair display a repunched date.

Proof restrikes were coined during the 1870s, probably as a consequence of collectors discovering how rare the currency strikes of this date were then and remain today. The restrikes are identifiable by a broken top to letter D in UNITED, a flaw in the master hub that did not appear until 1871.