Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Half Dimes
1860 H10C PF

Description & Analysis

For 1860 and subsequent years the half dime was revised to include a much bolder wreath on the reverse. To accommodate this change the legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was relocated to the coin's obverse. While the Liberty figure used was that created by R. B. Hughes in 1840, this type is generally credited to James B. Longacre who was then the Mint's Engraver.

Though the coin hobby was enjoying a boom in 1860 it's still difficult to imagine the Mint selling all 1,000 of the proofs coined that year. It's likely that some portion of this mintage was either melted or released to circulation as regular coinage. Walter Breen was able to confirm sales of 535 complete silver proof sets, and added to that may be a small number of half dimes sold singly.