Description and Analysis

Nickel Three Cents
1877 3CN PF

Description & Analysis

Only proofs were coined of this denomination in 1877, but the problem is that no one really knows how many were minted and how many of those actually sold. Figures of either 510 or 900 have been published, but these are incomplete reconstructions. It was not until the following year the Mint finally began recording sales of minor proof sets as part of the total mintage.

While this date is no more rare than others of the 1870s, its status as a proof-only issue makes it essential to the completion of a date series. The market values reflect this far greater demand.

Walter Breen listed an 1877/6 overdate, but what passes for a 6 does not match up exactly to the 1876 logotype. More likely is that this is a repunched 1877, with the only real repunching visible being at numerals 18.