Description and Analysis

Indian Cents
1868 1C PF

Description & Analysis

To the 600 pieces sold within silver proof sets may be added an unknown quantity purchased as part of the four-coin minor proof sets. Fully red gems are quite rare, with most survivors having streaky, red-brown surfaces from incomplete mixing of the alloy.

The administration of Mint Director Henry Linderman was notable for the countless restrikes, patterns and complete fantasies that emanated from the Mint. Linderman was himself a collector, and he was quite accommodating to his fellow numismatists without regard to the legality of the coins or the effect that their manufacture would have on the existing market.

It's believed that the many proof 1868 cents known with the reverse die rotated 180 degrees from normal may have been restrikes made to satisfy the growing coin market of the late 1860s and early '70s.