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Description and Analysis

Saint-Gaudens $20
1927 D $20 MS

Description & Analysis

Jeff Garrett: The status of the 1927–D Double Eagle as the rarest regular issue for the series is unquestioned. With the discovery of another ten 1933 Double Eagles, the 1927–D is actually more rare than that enigmatic issue! None have appeared in the European or South American hoards and this date was apparently all but eliminated by the massive meltings of gold in the 1930s. Nearly all 1927–D Double Eagles are in Choice or Gem condition. Amazingly, the Smithsonian collection contains three examples of the 1927–D Double Eagle, all of which are in Gem Mint State. I have seen several counterfeits of this date over the years. Most have been with added mintmarks. The 1927–D Double Eagle is a star for the series and is generally only available when a great collection crosses the auction block.