Description and Analysis

Liberty Head $5
1856 D $5 MS

Description & Analysis

Jeff Garrett: Until the early 1990s, the 1856-D half eagle was very rare in full Mint State. Most of the coins seen were well worn or heavily cleaned. A rather large hoard of high-grade examples surfaced about that time in South Carolina. The coins traded hands among a few dealers and were slowly released into the marketplace. Most of the coins seen by author Jeff Garrett have been “scruffy” Uncirculated, with some sort of small scratches or damage. It is not known what the condition of the finest coins from the hoard would grade. The finest known example of an 1856-D half eagle is the Duke’s Creek Collection specimen that has been graded MS 65 by NGC. Many of the examples seen of this date are weakly struck in the central portions of the obverse and reverse. The current auction record for the date is an NGC MS 64 that sold in November 2007 for $46,000.