Description and Analysis

Liberty Head $2.50
1849 C $2.5 MS

Description & Analysis

Jeff Garrett: As the low mintage would suggest, the 1849-C issue is one of the scarcest dates in all grades for Charlotte Mint quarter eagles. High-grade examples are almost never seen. The population reports indicate a concentration of survivors in the Extremely Fine and About Uncirculated grades. Just a few coins have been graded Mint State. The Smithsonian collection has an example that grades Mint State, which is also exceptional. An exception for the issue is by far finest known example that surfaced in 2012. The coin was certified by NGC as MS 65 and sold for $69,000. The date on the 1849-C Liberty Head quarter eagle shows minor repunching on the 49. On the reverse, the mintmark is tucked tightly beneath the eagle and is the same on coins dated 1850 and 1851.