Description and Analysis

Liberty Head $2.50
1847 O $2.5 MS

Description & Analysis

Jeff Garrett: The 1847-O Liberty Head quarter eagle is one of the most poorly struck issues from the New Orleans Mint. Coins of the date are almost always very softly struck in the central portions of the obverse and reverse. The 1847-O quarter eagle is only moderately scarce in the lower grades on up to About Uncirculated. In Mint State, however, the date is very rare and only occasionally offered for sale. There are a few varieties known for the issue, the most notable being those with a sharply recut date. Harry W. Bass Jr. was greatly interested in the issue, as he possessed at least 10 coins. NGC has graded only a single 1847-O quarter eagle as MS 65 and that coin has not appeared at auction. The Smithsonian example is a modest About Uncirculated coin.