Description and Analysis

Gold Dollars
1856 D G$1 MS

Description & Analysis

Jeff Garrett: The 1856-D gold dollar is a popular rarity; perhaps fewer than 100 coins are known in all grades. This date is considered a key of the series and is always in great demand. Just a few examples have been graded Mint State by NGC, and only one has attained the choice level. A surprising number of coins have been graded About Uncirculated. The authors have seen many coins of this date that have been repaired in one way or another. Caution should be used when purchasing a low-grade 1856-D gold dollar. Most examples seen of this date are weakly struck, but not quite as severely as other years from the Dahlonega Mint. The U of UNITED is always softly struck or missing completely. The single NGC MS 63 coin has not traded at auction.