Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Dollars
1843 $1 MS

Description & Analysis

The relatively large mintage for this date is clearly reflected in its availability. Worn examples are quite common across most grades, and the 1843 silver dollar is also available to advanced collectors in the lower grades of Mint State. Pieces certified as MS 63 and higher are quite scarce, with no gems having surfaced. Since this date's mintage was spread across just a few die marriages, most coins display frosty luster, though a few may be found having semi-prooflike fields. This date tends to be well struck overall, though weakness may be evident within the stars and at the top of the eagle's right wing on some coins.

A single obverse die was paired with three different reverse dies, one of them having been used previously during 1842. Slight repunching of numeral 4 is evident on most examples, but this is common and brings no premium. The three die marriages differ in relative rarity, but the number of specialist collectors is too few for this to be evident in the prices realized.