Description and Analysis

Kennedy Half Dollars
1970 S 50C PF

Description & Analysis

The speculative frenzy over the proof sets of 1968 and 1969 had abated somewhat by the time orders were being taken for the 1970 sets, and this resulted in a slight drop in sales. This may have led to some regrets when it turned out that there would be no 1970-dated half dollars made for general circulation. The aftermarket value of the 1970-S proof set soon rose to several multiples of issue price. This speculation lasted for only about two or three years, after which the value settled down, while still remaining above that of the 1968-69 sets.

The quality of the 1970-S half dollars is a bit lower than that for 1969-S, but this is due mostly to the obverse master die used for both the MS and PF halves of that year. The details are less distinct, with the letters appearing a bit puffy and almost blurred. Nevertheless, gems are common through PF-69, with a fair number of Cameo and Ultra Cameo examples to meet the needs of most collectors.

Varieties include a few very nice doubled-die obverses, while the DDRs are quite minor.