Description and Analysis

Kennedy Half Dollars
1965 50C MS

Description & Analysis

The application of mintmarks was suspended for the coins dated 1965-67 in an effort to discourage speculators, who were wrongly blamed for a nationwide coin shortage at about that same time. While most denominations were coined at several mints during those years, the circulating half dollars dated 1965, 1966 and 1967 were produced exclusively at the Denver Mint. Nearly all of the 1965-dated halves were struck during the first seven months of 1966, and they did not debut in circulation until March of that year.

It was the fate of most Kennedy Half Dollars dated before 1971 to be hoarded, though the silver-clad issues of 1965-69 did see enough circulation that they are readily available in lightly worn condition. The 1965 halves, while quite common unworn, are rarely found in the higher grades. Even at the MS-66 level the supply of certified coins falls short of the demand from advanced collectors.

Varieties are few for this date, and most are very minor.