Description and Analysis

Walking Liberty Half Dollars
1928 S 50C MS

Description & Analysis

Though fewer were coined, the 1928-S half dollar is otherwise quite similar to that of the previous year. Nearly all pieces are poorly struck, perhaps a little more so than for 1927-S halves. A fair number of Mint State pieces survive, but very few of these are gems.

As with the cent, dime and quarter dollar, two very distinctive S mintmark punches were used for 1928-S halves. The first is the same Small S punch seen on all half dollars 1918-41 and some of those dated 1917 and 1942. The other was unique to 1928 for this series, and it is the Large S used later in the year. This punch is of a style more typical of the 19th Century and was evidently leftover from earlier coinage. Since these varieties are of about equal availability, there seems to be little collector interest in them.