Description and Analysis

Walking Liberty Half Dollars
1920 D 50C MS

Description & Analysis

As in 1919 it was the Denver Mint that produced the scarcest half dollar for 1920. The low mintage of 1920-D half dollars reflects economic trouble that was already plaguing the Heartland, as farm commodity prices fell almost as soon as the 1914-18 war ended. Mintages remained high on the east and west coasts through 1920, but that would soon change.

The 1920-D half dollar is elusive in grades VF and higher, with Mint State examples being in very short supply. Gems are truly rare, as the NGC Census indicates. In any grade 1920-D halves are apt to be poorly struck with ill-defined details on the highest points of the design.

The repunched mintmark variety illustrated in Bruce Fox's book is almost certainly an example of simple strike doubling. There is no confirmation of an RPM for this entire series after 1916 until 1939.