Description and Analysis

Walking Liberty Half Dollars
1919 50C MS

Description & Analysis

World War I ended in November of 1918, but the accelerated wartime economy lasted for another year or more. This enhanced commercial activity is reflected in the very high mintages of most 1919-20 United States coins. The half dollar, however, was not needed in great numbers, as the wartime sales taxes that resulted in odd price totals made their greatest impact on small coins. In any case, these taxes were soon repealed.

With its relatively low mintage for the period the 1919 Philadelphia Mint half dollar was always a bit elusive in circulation. Problem-free examples grading Fine and higher have long been in strong demand. The supply of Mint State coins is fairly low across all grades, with gems being genuinely rare. On the plus side most 1919(P) halves are well struck, though only rarely is a coin of this type fully struck.