Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Half Dollars
1877 CC 50C MS

Description & Analysis

This was a relatively generous mintage of half dollars for the Carson City Mint, second only to its production the previous year. Examples are common in all circulated grades and only moderately scarce in Mint State. These coins were also well made, with good strikes and only light signs of overused dies.

Some 15 die marriages are known for 1877-CC, these the product of 12 obverse and 13 reverse dies. Three of the reverses display the Small CC mintmark of 1873-74, with the remainder having the Medium CC mintmark that debuted in 1875. Of the latter dies, just two were taken from the old hub of 1866, and these Type 1 coins are more scarce than those of the new Type 2 hub. The difference in rarity is not great enough to attract interest beyond series specialists, but NGC will attribute these reverses under its VarietyPlus Service. All 1877-CC half dollars have 143 edge reeds.

A minor repunched date variety is known (WB-104), and this has the Type 2 reverse with Medium CC mintmark.