Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Half Dollars
1848 O 50C MS

Description & Analysis

Well worn examples of the 1848 New Orleans Mint half dollar are very common, a consequence of its quite generous production. These coins did indeed circulate extensively, and few unworn pieces have survived. This issue is no more available in Mint State than others of the period having lesser mintages. Unlike most O-Mint halves of the 1840s, the 1848-O typically is well struck from dies having few signs of overpolishing and fewer than the usual number of die cracks.

A total of 26 die marriages have been cataloged, and these represent various pairings of 13 obverses with 15 reverses. Though varieties exist for 1848-O, they are mostly trivial and of interest only to the specialist. All examples of this date appear to have the same reed count---147. This may have been a single collar or multiple ones having the same tooling.