Description and Analysis

Early US Type Performance
1807 DRAPED 50C MS

Description & Analysis

The mintage figure that appears here and in most catalogs is mostly speculative, as two types of half dollar were coined during 1807, and the Mint made no distinction between these in its reports. Author Steve M. Tompkins has estimated that the Draped Bust Halves of this date comprised the 18 deliveries made from March 2 through September 14. These total 760,076 coins and conform more closely to the relative numbers of surviving Draped Bust versus Capped Bust Half Dollars.

Some 11 die marriages are known today, these resulting from the combining of eight obverses and six reverses. None of these varieties is distinctive enough to merit mention in standard catalogs, and they appeal solely to series specialists seeking completion. The rarest of these varieties is O-115, discovered in 2004 and certified by NGC. It's number follows those of the Capped Bust type solely because Al Overton neglected to allow for additional varieties of this type. Also rather scarce is O-101, but the others are generally available in worn condition.

While there are more than the usual number of Mint State examples for 1807, this issue is often seen poorly struck. Collectors are advised to seek only well struck coins from fairly fresh dies, regardless of certified grade.