Description and Analysis

Washington Quarters
1942 S 25C MS

Description & Analysis

Production of quarter dollars at the San Francisco Mint rose during 1942, mirroring similar growth at the other two facilities. Quality continued its slide, with 1942-S quarters often revealing die erosion and subsequent repolishing of often crude nature. A number of semi-prooflike examples are known from such secondary polishing, but the finish is not consistent throughout. Thus, it's unlikely that a coin of this issue will be certified as PL.

A few doubled-die varieties are known, but these are not as appealing as the ones seen for 1942(P) and 1942-D. Of greater interest is the fact that two styles of mintmark may be found on 1942-S quarters. Both the Trumpet-Tail S and Serif S were used this year, these being transitional with their scarce 1941 appearances. There is not enough difference in rarity between them for 1942-S to warrant a premium, though the Trumpet-Tail variety seems to be the more common one.

Also known are a few, minor repunched mintarks.