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Description and Analysis

Standing Liberty Quarters
1918 D 25C MS

Description & Analysis

This is another high-mintage issue within the Standing Liberty series that is all but impossible to find well struck. Both sides typically are weak in all the deepest cavities of the dies. These elements include the date, the left side of the shield, the eagle's breast, Liberty's knee and upper leg and, of course, Liberty's head. Typical of the certified population for this coin series, examples certified as FH are over-represented within the census data, as such coins are more likely to be submitted for grading one or more times.

1918-D quarters are scarce in the higher circulated grades, and competition for nice, uncleaned specimens is keen among collectors. Well worn pieces are frequently identifiable solely by a partial numeral 8, as the fourth digit of the date typically was the last to wear away on 1916-24 coins (no other dates in that range ended with an 8).

Denver Mint coins of all denominations dated from 1916 through the late 1920s are frequently seen with die cracks, the worst years seemingly being 1917-21. The 1918-D quarter is no exception, and Cline illustrated two dramatic examples in his book.