Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Quarters
1877 25C MS

Description & Analysis

The rush to retire the outstanding fractional currency notes abated a bit during 1877, but not enough to keep the Philadelphia Mint from producing another bumper crop of quarter dollars. This is very common issue across all grades, though perhaps not quite as common as 1876(P). Mint State coins, even gems (MS 65 and higher), are fairly plentiful. Large mintages usually result in some compromising in quality control, and buyers are advised to avoid coins that are weakly struck in places or show obvious die erosion.

All 1877(P) quarters coined for circulation have the Type 2 reverse, which is standard for this and all subsequent dates through the end of the series. Only minor varieties are known for this issue, though Briggs' Obverse 2 displays a prominent internal cud break within the chief of Liberty's shield. This is actually a die state, rather than a variety, and it's not known whether this same obverse is identifiable prior to its failure.