Description and Analysis

Early Quarters
1820 25C MS

Description & Analysis

The 1820 quarter dollars are more often seen in Mint State than those of the previous year, and a few gems have been certified by NGC. These are nevertheless rare as a portion of the surviving population, and most 1820 quarters are well worn.

The mintage for this year was delivered under three warrants dating from May 19 to December 30. This date is a popular one with variety collectors, as no fewer than three different sizes were employed for the zero of the date: Large (B-1, -2), Medium (B-3) and Small (B-4, -5). B-1 and B-5 are the scarcest of the five, but neither is so rare as to exceed the number of variety collectors for this series. These variations resulted from the gradual failure of existing numeral, letter and star punches, and the Mint purchase a new set of punches early in this year from Henry Starr (the name being just a coincidence).