Description and Analysis

Mercury Dimes
1945 10C MS

Description & Analysis

1945(P) dimes are extremely common in all grades through MS 67, yet this issue is notorious as the rarest of the series with Full Bands. Examples having distinct center bands are extremely elusive, and ones certified as FB bring huge premiums over their ordinary brothers in the same numeric grades.

Quality control for all denominations was poor at the Phildelphia Mint in 1945, with the emphasis being solely on sheer numbers. There was nothing wrong with the dies, as may be seen by examining mint error coins such as off-center and broakstruck 1945(P) dimes; these nearly always have bold central bands. The fault, therefore, lay in the shaping of the planchets' edged or the collars used.

The Wexler/Flynn book illustrates three minor doubled-die varieties, two obverse and one reverse. These are of interest to collectors primarily due to the infrequency of this variety type in the Mercury series.