Description and Analysis

Mercury Dimes
1926 10C MS

Description & Analysis

1926 dimes of the Philadelphia Mint are plentiful in all grades through MS 65. A fair percentage of these possess Full Bands, and this is an issue that should be readily obtainable by collectors in satisfying condition.

A close inspection of 1926 dimes from all three mints will reveal that the style of date was changed a bit starting this year. The numeral 9, which Weinman had sculpted with a broad, open loop, was nearly closed this year. The new style lasted through 1927 before being fully closed in 1928.

Also evident on all Mercury Dimes dated 1926 and later is that the master hub for the reverse suffered minor damage. The olive branch, which previously had reached all the way to the fasces on the right where it meets the upper diagonal band just above the horizontal bands, is hereafter suspended in space by a short gap.