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Description and Analysis

Mercury Dimes
1923 10C MS

Description & Analysis

The nation entered 1923 in the midst of an economic recession, but conditions soon improved to the point that the existing stock of earlier-dated dimes was exhausted. By late spring the Philadelphia Mint had resumed dime coinage for the first time since early 1921, but only 5,380,000 dimes had been struck by the end of the Mint's fiscal year on June 30, 1923. The greater part of this issue's production occurred from July through December.

With a total mintage of more than 50 million pieces, it should not come as a surprise that 1923(P) dimes are common across all grades through MS 65. Most Mint State survivors have excellent luster and are reasonably well struck. Full Band examples are plentiful, though a close inspection reveals that some of these coins are weak at their peripheries. As always, collectors should seek pieces that are well struck throughout from fresh dies that are free of erosion lines and clash impressions.