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Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Dimes
1853 O ARROWS 10C MS

Description & Analysis

Despite a fairly generous mintage the 1853 O Arrows dime is commonly only in well worn condition. Examples grading VF and higher are scarce, while Mint State pieces are genuinely rare. Since there are relatively few collectors of this series by date and mint, the rarity of this issue is largely overlooked by type collectors seeking any date of the Arrows subtype.

Most 1853 O dimes are poorly struck, with Liberty's head and the wreath leaves being incomplete. The example illustrated is thus typical, at least with respect to the head.

Readers of Walter Breen's 1988 Encyclopedia will note that he itemizes many dates as having either an Open or Closed 5 in the date. Also found are listings of Thin or Thick O mintmarks. These typically represent die states of the same dies or may be the result of the punches being impressed to a lesser or greater depth. The only popular variety is F-104a with its shattered obverse die.