Description and Analysis

Early Dimes
1827 10C MS

Description & Analysis

Well over a million dimes were coined during 1827. While a small portion of this total is believed to have comprised pieces dated 1825, there is no denying that the 1827 dime is a fairly common issue.

Nine obverse dies were paired with 10 reverses to create a total of 14 die marriages. Two of these feature the flat-topped numeral 1 in the value, a characteristic of earlier dates. Also included is one variety displaying a prominently repunched 7.

Common varieties include JR-1, -3, -4, -6, -11 and -12. JR-5, -7, -8 and -13 are somewhat scarce, while JR-2 and JR-9 are very scarce. The rarest varieties of all are JR-10 and JR-14, the latter not known when the John Reich book was published.

The supply of Mint State coins is generous for an early dime, though gems are quite scarce.