Description and Analysis

Buffalo Five Cents
1936 S 5C MS

Description & Analysis

This is the highest mintage Buffalo Nickel to emanate from the San Francisco Mint, and examples are common across all grades through MS 66. This issue was widely hoarded by the roll in its own time, and speculators were aided in their efforts by the fact that these coins were still being issued a couple years later. When West Coast collectors rushed to their local banks in the fall of 1938 to obtain the new 1938 S Jefferson Nickels, they were almost invariably rewarded instead with fresh rolls of 1936 S and 1937 S Buffalo Nickels!

1936 S nickels were, for the most part, well made. They may be obtained with great luster and sharp strikes, though this will not be true of all survivors. Still, no collector should compromise on the quality of this issue.

Continuing the pattern set the previous year, repunched mintmark varieties are plentiful, and some of them are delightfully obvious. NGC will add the better ones as examples are submitted, but the lesser varieties will not be recognized.