Description and Analysis

Lincoln Cents, Wheat Reverse
1934 1C MS

Description & Analysis

With the initiation of economic recovery programs under the Roosevelt Administration, the demand for new coin rose dramatically during 1934. The high mintage for 1934(P) cents, combined with the practice of saving Mint State rolls that began around this time, has made this issue very common in all grades through MS 67 RD.

Most 1934(P) cents were well made, and die erosion was kept to a minimum through steady die replacement. The Mint finally recognized the need to place a long tail on numeral 3 of the date, and this style is in keeping with the 9 for the first time since the series' inception.

One of the more unusual Lincoln Cent varieties is found with this date. Remnants of two duplicate numerals are seen well below the date, and specialists disagree whether these are 34 or 93. Since date had not been hand-punched into working dies since 1908, this variety has to be the result of a doubled die.