Description and Analysis

Lincoln Cents, Wheat Reverse
1932 D 1C MS

Description & Analysis

This issue shares with 1932(P) the dubious distinction of being almost entirely unneeded at the time of production. Most pieces were simply bagged and stored awaiting better times, and collectors had a difficult time obtaining even single pieces. This, of course, fueled the demand for entire rolls, and when these were finally released around 1934-35 they went mostly to speculators.

Examples were always scarce in circulation, but plenty of Mint State pieces have survived. These coins are usually well struck from only lightly worn dies, and fully red gems are available to advanced collectors.

The cents of 1932 were the last to utilize the Small D mintmark employed since 1917. This puncheon showed signs of filling in on some 1932-dated coins, and it was discontinued at that time. Existing revere dies for other denominations still appeared with the Small D in 1934, but these typically produced a minority of the coins bearing that date.