Description and Analysis

Lincoln Cents, Wheat Reverse
1916 1C MS

Description & Analysis

America's economy received a tremendous boost from supplying the warring nations of Europe, and this drove mintages higher than at any time in the nation's past. This record production of cents at the Philadelphia Mint would be exceeded in each successive year through 1919.

1916(P) cents are among the more common issues of this decade in fully red gem condition. Circulated pieces are likewise plentiful across all grades.

The Lincoln Cent's obverse master hub was replaced this year with one having greater detail than that of 1909. A fully struck 1916 cent from fresh dies will thus display more fine detail than any other date in the series, as these delicate features began to wear away from the master almost immediately. This date is perhaps the ideal representation of Brenner's design at its pinnacle of perfection.