Description and Analysis

Indian Cents
1870 1C PF

Description & Analysis

The numismatic hobby underwent considerable growth around this time, thanks in no small part to a very accommodating U. S. Mint that furnished large numbers of patterns and trials for sale through its favored dealers. This had the general effect of raising interest in regular proofs, and the 1870 proof cent is less rare in overall numbers than the bronze issues which preceded it.

Gems, however, are very rare, especially those having significant red color and/or cameo contrast. The proofs of the period 1869-73 across most denominations were of mediocre quality, with incomplete or clumsy polishing of the dies.

The proof cents of 1870 are known with either the Shallow N (ONE) reverse of earlier dates (photos) or the Bold N reverse adopted this year. While currency issues of these varieties are popularly collected, the overall rarity of proofs has limited interest in the proof varieties.