Description and Analysis

Braided Hair Cents
1840 1C MS

Description & Analysis

Walter Breen split the reported mintage of 1840 cents into 1,534,093 for the six Large Date varieties and 928,597 for the five Small Dates. He did this based on the delivery figures for that year and the presumption that the Large Dates were coined first (N-8 illustrated). This is a reasonable conclusion, since the Small Date is transitional with 1841, and one obverse die (N-2) shows a small numeral 8 punched over the large 8 placed there earlier before the final two numerals were added.

Both major varieties are common in grades shy of MS RB, though the die marriages N-4 and -7 are moderately scarce. The overpunched variety N-2 features is common, but its popularity earns for it a slight premium.