Description and Analysis

Liberty Cap Cents

Description & Analysis

The name John Smith Gardner has been put forth as the designer/engraver of this Head of 95 bust, but that is based solely on circumstantial evidence. Some specialists believe that this was simply Robert Scot's revision of his earlier hub to extend die life by lowering the relief.

The first cents dated 1795 were coined to the old standard of 208 grains, and these thicker cents carried the lettered edge of 1794 cents. Only four such die marriages are known three obverse dies and three reverses. The variety illustrated is S-74, and this is moderately scarce within the lettered edge issue of 1795. S-76a is rare, as is the Jefferson Head variety NC-1. This ultra rarity is similar in overall fabric to U. S. Mint cents, yet it is believed to have been coined privately, perhaps in anticipation of winning a coinage contract from the federal government.