Description and Analysis

Braided Hair Half Cents

Description & Analysis

The rarity of Original half cents dated 1840-48 prompted later proof strikings for the benefit of collectors during the years 1858-60. Scholar Walter Breen identified two separate issues of restruck half cents for most dates of the Braided Hair type which he called First Restrikes and Second Restrikes. The numismatic marketplace makes little or no distinction between these varieties, and thus NGC has labeled them all as simply Restrikes.

The Restrike half cents of 1840 and subsequent dates are easily distinguished from Original proofs by their normal size berries in the wreath. These details were not enlarged by hand in the die as had been the case with the originals.

It's believe that approximately 20 examples are known of the 1840 Restrike. Unlike the Originals, these were coined on normal planchets showing no underlying reeding.