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Barber Half Dollar Die Varieties (1892-1915)

Coinage of Barber Half Dollars was steady, with only a few low mintage issues. For the date and mint collector, none of these are major obstacles, though several dates are scarce in the higher grades. Since half dollars saw less turnover than the smaller silver pieces, there is a greater percentage of Barber Half Dollars surviving in the mid-grades than is the case with Barber Dimes and Quarters. The marketing of inexpensive coin boards beginning in the mid-1930s came just in time to save many Barber Half Dollars from becoming worn slick.

For 1892 to 1915 Barber half dollars, variety collectors have little from which to choose, though this series has not been examined as thoroughly as earlier types. The most desirable Barber Half Dollar mintmark variety is the 1892-O with Micro O mintmark. A punch intended for the quarter dollar was used to mark just a single reverse die, and this variety is rare in any grade.

NGC will attribute Barber Half Dollar varieties listed in VarietyPlus, which includes most Cherrypicker entries. The Flynn and Lawrence books include additional die and mintmark varieties that will be of interest to the specialist, and the better of these are likewise included under VarietyPlus.

Access to the detailed pages of the Barber half dollar varieties you see below is part of NGC Collectors Society membership. Die variety detail pages contain population information as well as NGC database images for available half dollar varieties.

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Denom.MS/PFDateFee*NGC LabelVarietyPlusCONECAFivaz-Stanton (NEW)Fivaz-Stanton (OLD)Lawrence
50CMS1892/1892 $15FS-301VP-001  FS-007.7L-101
50CMS1892 TDR$15FS-801VP-002  FS-007.8L-102
50CMS1892 O MICRO O$15   FS-501FS-007.9L-101
50CMS1893 TDR$15FS-801 DDR-001   
50CMS1907 S/S$15VP-001 RPM-001  L-101
50CMS1911 S/S$15FS-501     

* In order to have the above varieties requiring the $15 fee designated by NGC, VarietyPlus service must be requested at time of grading. VarietyPlus service is also available for coins already encapsulated by NGC. For coins where the fee column is blank, no VarietyPlus charge is required to have your coin designated during grading. For coins marked $15, a $15 surcharge applies to the tier fee during grading, or a $15 fee applies to have the VarietyPlus designation added to any coin already graded and encapsulated by NGC.
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