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Mercury Dimes (1916-1945)

As is true of most United States coinage of the 20th Century, these dimes were minted in fairly large numbers. There are no truly rare date/mint combinations, even in mint state, though there exists a wide span of relative rarity from one issue to the next. Scare dates within the Mercury series include 1916-D, 1921 and 1921-D, though all are obtainable for a price, and the popularity of this series with date and mint collectors is very high. A number of minor doubled-die and repunched mintmark varieties are known for this series, with most commanding only slight premiums. Various mintmark styles were used, particularly for San Francisco Mint issues, and these are just becoming popular. By far the most highly sought varieties are the 1942/41 overdated dimes of both the Philadelphia and Denver Mints. Other notable varieties include doubled-die obverses for 1929-S and 1936 and a distinctive repunched mintmark for 1941-S. Additional varieties are found within the books by Breen, by Wexler and Flynn, as well as the Lange book, but the ones that command premiums are all included within VarietyPlus and attibuted by NGC.

Denom.MS/PFDateFee*NGC LabelVarietyPlusCONECAFivaz-Stanton (NEW)Fivaz-Stanton (OLD)Wexler
10CMS1916 MERCURY-      
10CMS1916 S MERCURY-      
10CMS1919 DDO$15FS-101 DDO-001   
10CMS1926 DDO$15VP-001 DDO-001   
10CMS1928 S SMALL S$15      
10CMS1928 S LARGE S$15   FS-501FS-010.26 
10CMS1929 S DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-001 FS-010.3 
10CMS1931 D DDO & DDR$15FS-101     
10CMS1931 S DDO$15FS-101 DDO-001   
10CMS1934 D SMALL D$15      
10CMS1934 D LARGE D$15      
10CMS1934 D/D LARGE D$15FS-501 RPM-001   
10CMS1934 D/D LARGE D$15VP-001 RPM-002   
10CMS1935 DDO$15VP-001 DDO-001   
10CMS1935 S/S$15FS-501 RPM-001   
10CMS1936 DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-001 FS-010.5 
10CMS1937 DDO$15FS-101 DDO-001   
10CMS1937 S DDO$15FS-101 DDO-001   
10CMS1938 D/D$15VP-001 RPM-001    
10CMS1939 DDO$15FS-101 DDO-001   
10CMS1939 D/D$15FS-501 RPM-001   
10CMS1940 D/D$15VP-001 RPM-002   
10CMS1940 D/D$15VP-002 RPM-003   
10CMS1940 D/D$15VP-003 RPM-001   
10CMS1940 S DDO & DDR$15FS-101/901 DDO-002 & DDR-001   
10CMS1940 S/S$15FS-501VP-001RPM-001   
10CMS1941 DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-002   
10CMS1941 D DDO & DDR$15FS-101VP-001DDO-001 & DDR-001 FS-010.58 
10CMS1941 D/D$15VP-002 RPM-002   
10CMS1941 S SMALL S$15      
10CMS1941 S/S SMALL S$15FS-501VP-001RPM-001 FS-010.6 
10CMS1941 S/S SMALL S$15FS-502     
10CMS1941 S/S SMALL S$15VP-002 RPM-002   
10CMS1941 S LARGE S$15   FS-511FS-010.65 
10CMS1942/41 -  DDO-001FS-101FS-010.7 
10CMS1942/41 D- VP-001DDO-001FS-101FS-010.8 
10CMS1942 D/D$15FS-501VP-002RPM-005   
10CMS1943 D/D$15VP-001 RPM-002   
10CMS1943 S/S$15FS-501VP-001RPM-001   
10CMS1943 S TRUMPET S$15      
10CMS1944 D DDO$15VP-003 DDO-001   
10CMS1944 D/D$15FS-501VP-001RPM-003   
10CMS1944 D/D$15VP-002 RPM-002   
10CMS1945 DDO$15FS-101 DDO-002   
10CMS1945 DDO$15VP-001    WF-DDO1
10CMS1945 D/D$15FS-501VP-002RPM-001   
10CMS1945 D/HORIZ D$15FS-506VP-001RPM-006 FS-010.95 
10CMS1945 S MICRO S-   FS-512  
10CMS1945 S/HORIZ S$15FS-503VP-001RPM-003 FS-011 
10CMS1945 S/S/S$15VP-002 RPM-002   
10CMS1945 S/S$15VP-003 RPM-001   

* In order to have the above varieties requiring the $15 fee designated by NGC, VarietyPlus service must be requested at time of grading. VarietyPlus service is also available for coins already encapsulated by NGC. For coins where the fee column is blank, no VarietyPlus charge is required to have your coin designated during grading. For coins marked $15, a $15 surcharge applies to the tier fee during grading, or a $15 fee applies to have the VarietyPlus designation added to any coin already graded and encapsulated by NGC.
Lange, David W. The Complete Guide to Mercury Dimes, 2nd Edition. DLRC Press, Virginia Beach, VA, 2005
Wexler, John A. & Kevin Flynn. Treasure Hunting Mercury Dimes. Stanton Printing & Publishing, Savannah, GA, 1999