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Early Half Dimes (1792-1837)

The 1792 half disme is always in great demand as a type coin. With only one die pairing for this date, however, there is only a limited impact from variety collectors. The Flowing Hair coins of 1794-95 and the Draped Bust types of 1796-1805 have a small following of strict date collectors, and the key to this series is the very rare 1802 half dime, of which about 35 examples are known from a single die pairing. There are a handful of specialists who seek the better varieties, but the primary market for half dimes of 1794-1805 is found in type collectors.

The Capped Bust Half Dimes of 1829-37 are most often sought as single type coins, but there exist quite a few date collectors, too. Collecting this series by varieties was never widely popular, but publication of the Logan-McCloskey book may change that. Many varieties that are available in circulated grades become very elusive at or near the mint state level.

NGC will assign Logan-McCloskey (LM) numbers to all early half dimes from 1794 through 1837. LM numbers begin anew with each date, so that the first listed variety for each date is always LM-1. Successive die marriages within a single die pairing are offset with decimal points. For example, 1829 variety 6 is identified as LM-6.1, LM-6.2 or LM-6.3. Valentine numbers are no longer used by NGC, since his book has been superseded by the more complete and accurate Logan-McCloskey reference. The latter is cross-referenced to the Valentine numbers, so that a translation can be made.

Denom.MS/PFDateFee*NGC LabelValentine
H10CMS1792 -  
H10CMS1794 $15LM-1 V-1
H10CMS1794 $15LM-2 V-2
H10CMS1794 $15LM-3 V-3
H10CMS1794 $15LM-4 V-4
H10CMS1795 $15LM-1 V-1
H10CMS1795 $15LM-2 V-10
H10CMS1795 $15LM-3 V-2
H10CMS1795 $15LM-4 V-3
H10CMS1795 $15LM-5 V-9
H10CMS1795 $15LM-6 V-7
H10CMS1795 $15LM-7 V-8
H10CMS1795 $15LM-8 V-5
H10CMS1795 $15LM-9 V-6
H10CMS1795 $15LM-10 V-4
H10CMS1796 "LIKERTY"-LM-1 V-1
H10CMS1796/5 -LM-2 V-2
H10CMS1797 15 STARS$15LM-1 V-2
H10CMS1797 16 STARS$15LM-2 V-4
H10CMS1797 16 STARS$15LM-3 V-3
H10CMS1797 13 STARS$15LM-4 V-1
H10CMS1800 "LIBEKTY"$15LM-3 V-2
H10CMS1800 "LIBEKTY"$15LM-4 V-4
H10CMS1800 $15LM-1 V-1
H10CMS1800 $15LM-2 V-3
H10CMS1801 $15LM-1 V-3
H10CMS1801 $15LM-2 V-1, V-2
H10CMS1802 -LM-1 V-1
H10CMS1803 SMALL 8$15LM-1 V-3
H10CMS1803 LARGE 8$15LM-2 V-1
H10CMS1803 LARGE 8$15LM-3 V-2
H10CMS1805 -LM-1 V-1
H10CMS1829 $15LM-1 V-7
H10CMS1829 $15LM-2 V-3
H10CMS1829 $15LM-3 V-2
H10CMS1829 $15LM-4 V-13
H10CMS1829 $15LM-5 V-6
H10CMS1829 $15LM-6.1 V-5
H10CMS1829 $15LM-6.2 V-5
H10CMS1829 $15LM-6.3 V-5
H10CMS1829 $15LM-7.1 V-4
H10CMS1829 $15LM-7.2 V-4
H10CMS1829 $15LM-7.3 V-4
H10CMS1829 $15LM-8 V-17
H10CMS1829 $15LM-9 V-11
H10CMS1829 $15LM-10 V-16
H10CMS1829 $15LM-11 V-18
H10CMS1829 $15LM-12 V-10
H10CMS1829 $15LM-13.1 V-12
H10CMS1829 $15LM-13.2 V-12A
H10CMS1829 $15LM-14 V-9
H10CMS1829 $15LM-15.1 V-8
H10CMS1829 $15LM-15.2 V-8
H10CMS1829 $15LM-16.1 V-14
H10CMS1829 $15LM-16.2 V-14
H10CMS1829 $15LM-17 V-15
H10CMS1829 $15LM-18 V-1
H10CMS1830 $15LM-1.1 V-10
H10CMS1830 $15LM-1.2 V-10
H10CMS1830 $15LM-2 V-9
H10CMS1830 $15LM-3 V-8
H10CMS1830 $15LM-4.1 V-3, V-3A
H10CMS1830 $15LM-4.2 V-3B
H10CMS1830 $15LM-5 V-13
H10CMS1830 $15LM-6 V-4
H10CMS1830 $15LM-7 V-7
H10CMS1830 $15LM-8 V-6
H10CMS1830 $15LM-9.1 V-5, V-5A
H10CMS1830 $15LM-9.2 V-5B
H10CMS1830 $15LM-10 V-12
H10CMS1830 $15LM-11 V-14
H10CMS1830 $15LM-12 V-11
H10CMS1830 $15LM-13 V-2
H10CMS1830 $15LM-14 V-1
H10CMS1831 $15LM-1.1 V-6, V-6A
H10CMS1831 $15LM-1.2 V-6B
H10CMS1831 $15LM-1.3 V-6C
H10CMS1831 $15LM-2 V-7
H10CMS1831 $15LM-3 V-2
H10CMS1831 $15LM-4 V-4
H10CMS1831 $15LM-5 V-5
H10CMS1831 $15LM-6 V-1
H10CMS1831 $15LM-7 V-3
H10CMS1832 $15LM-1 V-10
H10CMS1832 $15LM-2 V-3
H10CMS1832 $15LM-3 V-1
H10CMS1832 $15LM-4 V-12
H10CMS1832 $15LM-5 V-8
H10CMS1832 $15LM-6 V-11
H10CMS1832 $15LM-7 V-9
H10CMS1832 $15LM-8.1 V-5
H10CMS1832 $15LM-8.2 V-5
H10CMS1832 $15LM-8.3 V-5
H10CMS1832 $15LM-8.4 V-5A
H10CMS1832 $15LM-8.5 V-5
H10CMS1832 $15LM-9.1 V-14
H10CMS1832 $15LM-9.2 V-14
H10CMS1832 $15LM-10.1 V-13
H10CMS1832 $15LM-10.2 V-13
H10CMS1832 $15LM-10.3 V-13
H10CMS1832 $15LM-10.4 V-13
H10CMS1832 $15LM-11.1 V-4
H10CMS1832 $15LM-11.2 V-4
H10CMS1832 $15LM-12 V-2
H10CMS1832 $15LM-13 V-6
H10CMS1832 $15LM-14 V-7
H10CMS1833 $15LM-1 V-7
H10CMS1833 $15LM-2 V-9
H10CMS1833 $15LM-3.1 V-4
H10CMS1833 $15LM-3.2 V-4A
H10CMS1833 $15LM-3.3 V-4B
H10CMS1833 $15LM-3.4 V-4
H10CMS1833 $15LM-3.5 V-4
H10CMS1833 $15LM-4.1 V-3
H10CMS1833 $15LM-4.2 V-3
H10CMS1833 $15LM-4.3 V-3
H10CMS1833 $15LM-5 V-10
H10CMS1833 $15LM-6 V-8
H10CMS1833 $15LM-7 V-5
H10CMS1833 $15LM-8 V-2
H10CMS1833 $15LM-9 V-6
H10CMS1833 $15LM-10 V-1
H10CMS1834 3/INVERT 3$15LM-1 V-5
H10CMS1834 3/INVERT 3$15LM-3 V-2
H10CMS1834 $15LM-2 V-1
H10CMS1834 $15LM-4 V-4
H10CMS1834 $15LM-5 V-3
H10CMS1835 LG DATE LG 5C$15LM-1 V-2
H10CMS1835 LG DATE LG 5C$15LM-2 V-8
H10CMS1835 LG DATE LG 5C$15LM-3 V-3
H10CMS1835 LG DATE LG 5C$15LM-4 V-11
H10CMS1835 LG DATE LG 5C$15LM-7 V-4
H10CMS1835 LG DATE SM 5C$15LM-5.1 V-10
H10CMS1835 LG DATE SM 5C$15LM-5.2 V-10
H10CMS1835 LG DATE SM 5C$15LM-6 V-9
H10CMS1835 SM DATE LG 5C$15LM-8.1 V-5
H10CMS1835 SM DATE LG 5C$15LM-8.2 V-5
H10CMS1835 SM DATE LG 5C$15LM-9.1 V-6
H10CMS1835 SM DATE LG 5C$15LM-9.2 V-6
H10CMS1835 SM DATE LG 5C$15LM-12 V-unlisted
H10CMS1835 SM DATE SM 5C$15LM-10 V-7
H10CMS1835 SM DATE SM 5C$15LM-11 V-1
H10CMS1836 3/INV 3 LARGE 5C$15LM-3 V-4
H10CMS1836 LARGE 5C$15LM-1.1 V-5
H10CMS1836 LARGE 5C$15LM-1.2 V-5
H10CMS1836 LARGE 5C$15LM-6 V-3
H10CMS1836 LARGE 5C$15LM-7 V-7
H10CMS1836 SMALL 5C$15LM-2 V-1
H10CMS1836 SMALL 5C$15LM-4 V-2
H10CMS1836 SMALL 5C$15LM-5 V-6
H10CMS1837 CAPPED-  
H10CMS1837 LARGE 5C$15LM-1 V-3
H10CMS1837 LARGE 5C$15LM-2 V-4
H10CMS1837 LARGE 5C$15LM-3 V-5
H10CMS1837 LARGE 5C$15LM-5 V-1
H10CMS1837 SMALL 5C$15LM-4 V-2
H10CPF1834 $15LM-4 V-4
H10CPF1837 CAPPED-  

* In order to have the above varieties requiring the $15 fee designated by NGC, VarietyPlus service must be requested at time of grading. VarietyPlus service is also available for coins already encapsulated by NGC. For coins where the fee column is blank, no VarietyPlus charge is required to have your coin designated during grading. For coins marked $15, a $15 surcharge applies to the tier fee during grading, or a $15 fee applies to have the VarietyPlus designation added to any coin already graded and encapsulated by NGC.
Logan, Russell J. & John W. McCloskey. Federal Half Dimes 1792-1837. John Reich Collectors Society, Manchester, MI, 1998
Valentine, D.W. The United States Half Dimes. Quarterman Publications, Lawrence, MA, 1975