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Indian Cents (1859-1909)

Difficulty in striking up the design fully was the probable reason for replacing the attractive Eagle Cent in 1859. Chief Engraver Longacre modified the same profile he’d used for several coins that decade by simply adding a Native American headdress. The stock wreath used for the previous cent type was replaced in 1860 by an oak wreath with shield and arrows. An alloy of French bronze was substituted for copper-nickel midway through 1864 and retained through the end of the series.

Extremely popular with date collectors, the Indian Cent series features two key dates: 1877 and 1909-S. Otherwise there are no major obstacles to completing a set in circulated grades and in the lower grades of mint state. Fully red gems are scarce for most dates before 1880.

As the number of specialized books for this series suggests, it is rich in varieties. The most popular varieties are recognized by NGC in VarietyPlus. Standouts include 1860 with pointed bust, 1873 with doubled LIBERTY and 1894 with doubled date.

NGC will attribute the Indian Cent varieties listed below. Those included within The Cherrypickers’ Guide to Rare Die Varieties are labeled with Fivaz/Stanton (FS) numbers, while additional varieties employ NGC’s VarietyPlus (VP) numbers. A further selection of varieties may be found within the books listed under References and will be of interest to the specialist.

Denom.MS/PFDateFee*NGC LabelVarietyPlusFivaz-Stanton (OLD)Snow
1CMS1859/1859 $15FS-301VP-001FS-006.3S-1
1CMS1859/185 $15FS-302VP-002FS-006.2S-2
1CMS1859 18/18 $15FS-303VP-003FS-006.35S-3
1CMS1860 POINTED BUST$15  FS-006.4S-1
1CMS1861/61 $15FS-301 FS-006.45S-1
1CMS1862 MPD$15FS-301  S-2
1CMS1862 DDR$15FS-801  S-5
1CMS1862 DDR$15FS-802  S-6
1CMS1863/863 $15FS-301  S-2
1CMS1863 18/18 $15VP-002  S-1
1CMS1863 DDR$15FS-801VP-001FS-006.46S-10
1CMS1864 BRONZE-    
1CMS1864 DDO BRONZE$15FS-1101VP-001FS-006.47S-4
1CMS1864/864 BRONZE$15FS-1301VP-005FS-006.48S-2
1CMS1864/864 BRONZE$15VP-010  S-3
1CMS1864/1864 BRONZE$15VP-011  S-1
1CMS1864 L BRONZE-    
1CMS1864/1864 L BRONZE$15FS-2301VP-002FS-006.7S-1
1CMS1864/186 L BRONZE$15FS-2302VP-004FS-006.71S-3
1CMS1864/1864 L BRONZE$15FS-2303VP-003FS-006.72S-4
1CMS1864 L 18/18 BRONZE$15FS-2304VP-007FS-006.5S-5
1CMS1864/1864 L BRONZE$15FS-2305VP-006FS-006.55S-2
1CMS1864 L 86/86 BRONZE$15FS-2306VP-008FS-006.73S-10
1CMS1864/1864 L BRONZE$15VP-009  S-6
1CMS1865 PLAIN 5$15    
1CMS1865/18-5 PL/FANCY 5$15FS-301VP-003FS-007.3S-1
1CMS1865 18/18 PLAIN 5$15FS-302VP-004FS-007.45S-4
1CMS1865/1865 PLAIN 5$15FS-303VP-002FS-007.5S-3
1CMS1865/1865 PLAIN 5$15VP-007  S-6
1CMS1865 FANCY 5$15    
1CMS1865/1--5 FANCY 5$15FS-1301 FS-007.3S-1
1CMS1865/186 FANCY 5$15FS-1302 FS-007.55S-4
1CMS1865/1865 FANCY 5$15VP-005  S-13
1CMS1865 8/8 FANCY 5$15VP-006  S-3
1CMS1865 FANCY 5$15FS-1401 LATHE LINE  S-14
1CMS1865 DDR FANCY 5$15FS-1801VP-001FS-007S-2
1CMS1866 DDO & MPD$15FS-101VP-002FS-007.6S-1
1CMS1866/1--6 $15FS-301VP-001FS-007.7S-2
1CMS1866 1/1 $15FS-302VP-003FS-007.9S-3
1CMS1866/66 $15FS-303VP-004FS-007.8S-9
1CMS1866/66 $15VP-005  S-7
1CMS1866/1--6 $15VP-006  S-10
1CMS1866/18-6 $15VP-007  S-5
1CMS1866 18/18 $15VP-008  S-12
1CMS1867/67 $15FS-301VP-001FS-008S-1
1CMS1867 18/18 $15FS-302VP-002FS-008.1S-4
1CMS1867/18-7 $15FS-303  S-2
1CMS1867 18/18 $15VP-004  S-5
1CMS1868 DDO$15FS-101VP-003FS-008.2S-1
1CMS1868/868 DDO$15FS-102VP-001FS-008.26S-4
1CMS1868/8 DDO & MPD$15FS-103VP-002FS-008.25S-5
1CMS1868 MPD$15FS-301 FS-008.23S-8
1CMS1869/69 $15FS-301VP-001FS-008.3S-3
1CMS1869 18/18 $15FS-302VP-002FS-008.5S-1
1CMS1869/69 $15FS-303VP-003 S-4
1CMS1869/1869 $15VP-004  S-2
1CMS1870/0 DDO$15FS-101VP-001FS-008.6S-1, -2, -13, -22, -28, -33, -45
1CMS1870/187 $15FS-301 FS-008.81S-4
1CMS1870 MPD & DDR$15FS-302VP-002FS-008.82S-8
1CMS1870 18/18 $15VP-004  S-6
1CMS1870 "PICK AXE"$15FS-303  S-7,-17,-18,-27 and -41
1CMS1870 DDR$15FS-801VP-003FS-008.7S-2,-3,-14
1CMS1870 REV OF 69$15    
1CMS1871 7 & 1 TOUCHING$15FS-301  S-2
1CMS1871 REV OF 69$15    
1CMS1872/1--2 $15FS-301VP-001FS-008.9S-1
1CMS1872/72 $15VP-002  S-5
1CMS1872/872 MPD$15VP-003  S-4
1CMS1872 REV OF 69$15    
1CMS1873 CLOSED 3-    
1CMS1873 DDO CLOSED 3$15FS-101VP-001FS-009S-1
1CMS1873 DDO CLOSED 3$15FS-102VP-002FS-009.1S-2
1CMS1873 OPEN 3-    
1CMS1873/73 OPEN 3$15FS-1301VP-003FS-009.3S-1
1CMS1873 MPD OPEN 3$15FS-1302  S-6
1CMS1874 DDO$15FS-101VP-001FS-009.33S-1
1CMS1875 18/18 $15FS-301  S-1
1CMS1875/1--5 $15FS-302  S-2
1CMS1875 18/18 $15VP-001 EDS  S-3a
1CMS1875 18/18 $15VP-001 LDS  S-3b
1CMS1878 MPD$15FS-301 FS-009.4S-2
1CMS1880 DDO & MDC$15FS-101VP-001FS-009.41S-1
1CMS1882 MPD$15FS-401VP-001FS-009.43S-6
1CMS1882 88/88 $15VP-002  S-1
1CMS1882 BROKEN 2$15VP-003  S-2
1CMS1883 MPD$15FS-301 FS-009.45S-8
1CMS1883 MPD$15FS-302  S-7
1CMS1883 MPD$15FS-303  S-1
1CMS1883 MDC$15FS-401  S-11
1CMS1883 DDR$15FS-801VP-001FS-009.46S-6
1CMS1884 MPD$15FS-401 FS-009.48S-1
1CMS1886 TYPE 1-    
1CMS1886/6 TYPE 1$15VP-001  S-1
1CMS1886 TYPE 2-    
1CMS1887 DDO$15FS-101VP-001FS-009.5S-1
1CMS1888/7 $15FS-301VP-001FS-010S-1
1CMS1888 88/88 MPD$15FS-302VP-002FS-010.7S-2
1CMS1888 18/18 $15VP-003  S-4
1CMS1888 88/88 $15VP-004  S-5
1CMS1888/8 $15VP-005  S-6
1CMS1888 MPD$15VP-006  S-8
1CMS1889/1889 $15FS-301 FS-010.8S-3
1CMS1889/9 MPD$15FS-302  S-4
1CMS1889 DDR$15FS-801VP-001FS-010.81S-1
1CMS1889 DDR$15FS-802  S-11
1CMS1889 DDR$15VP-003  S-37
1CMS1889 MDC$15FS-901  S-31
1CMS1890 TDO$15FS-101VP-001FS-010.85S-1
1CMS1890 MPD$15FS-401 FS-010.82S-3
1CMS1890 MPD$15FS-402 FS-010.84S-6
1CMS1891 DDO$15FS-101VP-001FS-010.88S-1
1CMS1891/1891 $15FS-301VP-002FS-010.87S-3
1CMS1891 DDR$15VP-003  S-2
1CMS1892/8-2 $15FS-301 FS-010.89S-8
1CMS1892 89/89 $15FS-302 FS-010.9S-1
1CMS1892 "SCARFACE"$15FS-401  S-14
1CMS1893 89/89 $15FS-301 FS-010.95S-2
1CMS1893/3 $15VP-001  S-11
1CMS1894/1894 $15FS-301VP-001FS-011S-1
1CMS1894 MPD$15FS-402 FS-011.2S-2
1CMS1895/895 $15FS-301VP-001FS-011.3S-20
1CMS1895/1895 $15FS-302VP-002FS-011.31S-9
1CMS1895/895 $15VP-003  S-1
1CMS1895/895 $15VP-004  S-2
1CMS1896/6 $15FS-301 FS-011.4S-1
1CMS1896/6 $15VP-001  S-4
1CMS1897 MPD$15FS-401 FS-011.5S-1
1CMS1897 89/89 $15FS-402 FS-011.6S-8
1CMS1898/898 $15VP-001  S-23
1CMS1898 MPD$15FS-401 FS-011.65S-12
1CMS1898 MPD$15FS-402 FS-011.66S-5
1CMS1899/1899 $15FS-301 FS-011.7S-1
1CMS1899/1--9 $15FS-303  S-9
1CMS1900/0 $15FS-301 FS-011.751S-1
1CMS1900/9-0 $15FS-302  S-3
1CMS1901/1--1 $15FS-301  S-19
1CMS1901/1901 $15VP-001  S-4
1CMS1902 EYE GOUGE$15FS-401  S-4
1CMS1903 MPD$15FS-301 FS-011.76S-10
1CMS1903 MPD$15FS-302 FS-011.765S-6
1CMS1903 1/1 $15FS-303  S-7a, -7b
1CMS1903/1903 $15FS-304  S-3
1CMS1904/1-04 $15FS-301  S-10
1CMS1905/5 $15FS-301  S-1
1CMS1906/06 $15FS-301  S-7
1CMS1906 0/0 MPD$15FS-302  S-14
1CMS1906/190 $15VP-001  S-1
1CMS1906 MPD$15VP-002  S-6
1CMS1907/907 MPD$15FS-301  S-1
1CMS1907 90/90 $15FS-302  S-2
1CMS1907/190 $15FS-303  S-20
1CMS1907 90/90 $15FS-304  S-27
1CMS1907 MPD$15VP-001  S-51
1CMS1908 MPD$15FS-301 FS-011.77S-4
1CMS1908 MPD$15FS-302 FS-011.79S-9
1CMS1909 INDIAN-    
1CMS1909 S INDIAN-    
1CPF1864 BRONZE-    
1CPF1864 L BRONZE-    
1CPF1873 CLOSED 3-    
1CPF1886 TYPE 1-    
1CPF1886 TYPE 2-    
1CPF1895/895 $15FS-301 FS-011.3S-20
1CPF1909 INDIAN-    

* In order to have the above varieties requiring the $15 fee designated by NGC, VarietyPlus service must be requested at time of grading. VarietyPlus service is also available for coins already encapsulated by NGC. For coins where the fee column is blank, no VarietyPlus charge is required to have your coin designated during grading. For coins marked $15, a $15 surcharge applies to the tier fee during grading, or a $15 fee applies to have the VarietyPlus designation added to any coin already graded and encapsulated by NGC.
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