NGC Early Releases®

The industry's most-trusted early-issue designation for all modern coins.

NGC offers the Early Releases designation for selected coins received by NGC or an NGC-approved depository during the first 30 days* of release. The term EARLY RELEASES will be noted as part of the description on the special blue Early Releases label. Other special and series-specific labels available from NGC may also be used in combination with the Early Releases designation.

To qualify for Early Releases, all coins must generally be received by NGC or an NGC-approved depository within 30 days* of their release. Coins being sent directly to NGC do not need to be accompanied by original packaging or shipped in sealed Mint boxes, but must arrive within the time period described above. The Early Releases request must be noted on the submission invoice, and additional service fees apply for the special label and designation verification. This is the default label for coins received within their first 30 days* of issue.

Alternatively, NGC offers the First Releases designation, which has the same definition as Early Releases.

NGC maintains a complete list of cutoff dates for eligible coins. US and world coins (view eligible world coins) can be submitted for the Early Releases designation using the Special Label/Designation service option and bulk submission services, or as described on

Early Releases will be identified in the NGC Census. They will also be eligible for inclusion in the very popular NGC Registry. As with any of its certification and grading, NGC offers no opinion on value, leaving that to the marketplace.

In certain markets NGC will offer bilingual Early Releases labels. The same Early Releases definition, cutoff dates and NGC Registry treatment will apply.

*In rare instances, production or shipping delays at the US Mint or other mints may require that NGC extend the Early Releases period. The cutoff date will be reflected on the NGC website.

US Cutoff Dates | World Cutoff Dates

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many Early Releases coins has NGC graded?

A. Early Releases and First Releases will be listed separately in the NGC Census Report, and appear beneath the non-designated issues.

Q. Do Early Releases receive a point premium in the NGC Registry?

A. No. They are weighted the same as non-Early Releases coins in the NGC Registry.

Q. What coins are eligible for the Early Releases designation?

A. Only certain coins and/or sets will be designated Early Releases by NGC. In some cases, NGC will only designate coins as Early Releases during the first 30 days after the release of the entire set by the Mint or other issuing authority, regardless of whether individual coins from that set have been previously released. View a list of eligible coins and cutoff dates.

Q. How does NGC assign the Early Releases designation if the same coin is released in various sets at different times throughout the year?

A. The US Mint and other world mints often release coins individually and in various sets at different times throughout the year. For example, a coin may be released individually and later released as part of a multiple coin set.

NGC will start the Early Releases period when a coin is first released, whether released individually or in a set, and NGC will give such coin a standard description on the NGC certification label. Subsequent releases of that coin in different sets or packaging may, at NGC’s sole discretion, receive the Early Releases designation with set description provided NGC can sufficiently determine that the coin was received by NGC within 30 days of that particular set’s release. This determination will generally require that coins be received in the sealed and postmarked shipping box from the mint. These subsequent releases will be listed separately in the NGC Census. Due to the additional verification required, NGC will generally assign the Early Releases designation on subsequent releases only if these coins are submitted through NGC’s bulk submission program.

NGC will maintain a list of Early Releases cutoff dates on its website. If a coin is released in multiple sets or packaging, NGC will post an Early Releases cutoff dates for the specific set, if eligible for the Early Releases designation. A notation will be made on the list of cutoff dates to indicate which sets are accepted only through NGC’s bulk submission program.

Q. What is a release date and how does NGC determine the cutoff dates for Early Releases?

A. NGC calculates the cutoff date for Early Releases based on the “release date.” A release date is the day that a new coin issue is first released from a mint. In some cases, the mint posts an official release date; in others, the release date is the first day that a mint actually makes a new coin issue available. The release date is not always the same as the sale date since many mints offer coins for sale before they are released.

Some mints have different release dates for their domestic market and for the international market. In China, for example, coins are generally released domestically several weeks or more before they are released internationally. In these cases, NGC will generally post two cutoff dates on its website — one for submissions received in or from the coin’s country of origin, and one for submissions received in or from all other countries.

For US coin cutoff dates, click here. For world coin cutoff dates, click here.