NGC Certified Rolls

Collecting coins in roll format has long been very popular. Many denominations of circulating coins are traditionally dispersed in bank-wrapped rolls, which consist of a standard number of coins within a tight paper wrapping. Similarly, many bullion coins are issued in hard plastic rolls. For example, US Mint-issued American Silver Eagles are released from the Mint in rigid plastic rolls of 20 coins that are unchanged since the late 1980s.

For those who prefer to own coins in roll format, NGC offers Certified Rolls. These provide the advantages of an independent guaranty of condition and authenticity. NGC Certified Rolls are made from exceptionally high-quality inert materials and are designed with long-term storage in mind. Additionally, they are fully transparent, making it easy to see what’s inside.

An NGC certification label appears in each holder, describing its contents. Where applicable, an adjectival grade is also provided. Security of the roll has also been elevated to the highest levels. Each holder is sonically sealed and tamper-evident. Holographic security tape and a counterfeit-resistant hologram are affixed to each holder.

Most significantly, and unique to NGC, each Certified Roll has been assigned an NGC certification number that can also be parsed to correspond to each individual coin within the roll. Tracking, managing and storing bullion coins has never been easier.

Currently, NGC Certified Rolls are available only for American Silver Eagles. More denominations will be available soon.

Certified Roll