NGC grades most US coins, tokens and medals in addition to coins from around the world. As a loose guideline, all coins from Western Europe, 1300 to date, are eligible for NGC certification, and World coins from elsewhere struck 1601 to date are eligible. We also have a listing of eligible World coins by country.

NGC Ancients provides comprehensive services for coins from Western ancient civilizations, dating from the inception of coinage to circa AD 500, and coins of the Byzantine Empire (AD 491–1453). For specific information about eligible coin types, please see ancient coins we grade.

NGC also grades and encapsulates Mint Error coins. Most Proof Mint Error coins struck prior to 1985 are eligible and coins struck after that date are eligible on a case-by-case basis. NGC does not recognize as Mint Error coins those with minor die chips, breaks, rotations, etc., that fall within our interpretation of mint tolerance. The determination of what constitutes a Mint Error is at the discretion of NGC.

NGC certifies a broad range of exonumia, including tokens and medals. The most popular series are all accepted, such as So-Called Dollars, Hard Times Tokens, Civil War Tokens and Conder Tokens. This list of materials that we authenticate, attribute and grade is periodically updated as we continue to expand the service. For more information, see the list of tokens and medals certified by NGC.

Some coins are ineligible for numeric grading due to detrimental surface conditions, like environmental damage, improper cleaning, surface alterations, mechanical damage or repairs or mint-made irregularities. These coins are NGC Details Graded. Coins submitted to NGC are either graded numerically (if they have acceptable surfaces) or with Details Grading, at the discretion of NGC’s grading team. Each Details Graded coin receives a grade that relates the amount of wear present due to metal loss during circulation. Following the Details Grade will be a description of the noteworthy surface condition.

See Understanding NGC Details Grading for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Certain coins are not eligible for NGC grading and encapsulation:

  • Coins that have altered dates, mintmarks, and coins that are not genuine or of questionable authenticity are not certified by NGC.
  • Most coins that have adhered enamel, plastics, or jewels are not eligible for NGC certification.
  • Coins with stones glued to the surface or inset.
  • And coins with active surface residues such as PVC cannot be certified by NGC; such coins must be conserved to have harmful residue removed prior to certification. For information about professional conservation, visit Numismatic Conservation Services.