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Category: Saint-Gaudens $20 (1907-1933)
Mint: San Francisco
Mintage: 3,107,000
Obverse Designer: Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Reverse Designer: Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Composition: Gold
Fineness: 0.9000
Weight: 33.4400g
AGW: 0.9675oz
Melt Value: $1530.18 (2/16/2020)
Diameter: 34mm
Edge: Lettered
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1927 S $20 MS obverse 1927 S $20 MS reverse
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Description & Analysis

Jeff Garrett: The mintage for this date is tremendous considering how few are known today—around 200 coins. At one time this date was considered to be one of the rarest of the series. No hoards have been found, but scattered examples did show in shipments from Europe. When seen, this San Francisco issue shows the typical beveled edge and satiny gold luster. Striking quality is sharp at the centers and is sometimes found with minor weakness on the Capitol Building. At the time of issue collectors saved some very nice examples of this date. The finest graded by NGC has been MS 67, and that coin sold at auction in 1995 for the then staggering sum of $181,500. The Smithsonian collection contains three Gem examples of the date, one of which is a Superb MS 67. It’s incredible that someone saved these amazing coins from the melting pots and preserved them for future numismatist to study. It would be interesting to find out why so many great gold coins from this era were saved and sent to the Smithsonian. Remember, the Mint transferred its holdings to the Smithsonian in the early 1920s. A close relationship must have continued for many years between Mint officials and the Smithsonian. We are all lucky it did!


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Last Updated: 8/16/2019

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1927 S $20 MS
Base $ - - - - 11500 14500 16000 20500 27500 29000 31000 31000 51000 73000 235000 335000 385000 - - -
$ - - - - - - - 34000 - - 250000 - - -

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Total Graded: 118
Low Grade: 45
Average Grade: 61
High Grade: 67

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NGC CENSUS DETAIL Last Updated: 2/11/2020 1927 S $20 MS

NGC Registry

NGC Registry Score 1927 S $20 MS
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