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Category: Patterns & Trial Coins (1792-1863)
Mint: Philadelphia
Composition: Copper
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1792 J-10 10C PF obverse 1792 J-10 10C PF reverse

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There are no NGC varieties for this coin.

Description & Analysis

Obverse Die. Liberty faces left with her hair in nine flowing locks. Her features are in bold and rounded relief. The date is below the bust with the serif of the 1 joined to the bottom bust line, and the remaining digits spaced progressively more distant. Starting below the 1, the legend reads clockwise LIBERTY PARENT OF SCIENCE AND INDUS. with the final S below the 2. A tiny center dot on the back of the head is positioned a short distance below the ear.

Reverse Die. An eagle with wings spread floats in the field, looking over the left wing to the viewer's right. Below is the denomination DISME and around is the statutory legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The eagle's right wing tip joins the left serif of T in UNITED and the left wing tip just touches the base of E in AMERICA, below the upright.

The copper dismes are known with both a plain edge and a reeded edge, but the order that the pieces were coined is unknown.

Description and Analysis courtesy of Heritage Auctions and may not be republished without written permission.


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Total Graded: 3
Low Grade: 62
Average Grade: 64
High Grade: 65

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