Coin Specifications

Category: Modern Commemoratives (1982-Date)
Mint: Philadelphia
Mintage: 196,753
Obverse Designer: John Mercanti
Reverse Designer: Donna Weaver
Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.9000
Weight: 26.7300g
ASW: 0.7734oz
Melt Value: $13.43 (11/19/2017)
Diameter: 38.1mm
Edge: Reeded
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2005 P JOHN MARSHALL S$1 PF obverse 2005 P JOHN MARSHALL S$1 PF reverse

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Description & Analysis

John Marshall was the fourth individual to hold the position of chief justice of the United States Supreme Court. Serving from 1801 until his death in 1835, he established many important legal precedents. The most significant of these is the principle of judicial review, in which the Supreme Court may overrule the actions of Congress if it determines that such actions violate the Constitution. Serving with unusual distinction, he wrote the majority court opinions for nearly half of the decisions upon which the court ruled during his tenure.

On August 6, 2004 President George W. Bush signed into law the bill approving a mintage of up to 400,000 silver dollars honoring Chief Justice Marshall on the 250th anniversary of his birth the following year. Surcharges included within the sales prices of uncirculated and proof strikings of this coin were directed toward the Supreme Court Historical Society.

As had been the case with several preceding commemorative coins, this issue was a collaborative effort in which John Mercanti designed one side of the coin (obverse), while Donna Weaver created the other (reverse). Both are staff sculptor-engravers with the U. S. Mint.

Mercanti’s obverse shows an attractive left-facing, shoulder length bust of John Marshall. Arranged in an arc above this portrait is the inscription “CHIEF JUSTICE UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT 1801-1835.” Marshall’s name appears to the left of the bust, dividing this inscription from the date of coining, which follows the border at seven o’clock. The coin’s mintmark is to the right of the bust, and Mercanti’s initials are seen just above Marshall’s left shoulder. The usual mottoes required by law complete this side.

The reverse design by Donna Weaver reveals a perspective view of the judges’ chamber within the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC. Beautiful in its simplicity, this side is not cluttered with writing beyond that required by law and the designer’s initials, which appear near the border at four o’clock.

The Philadelphia Mint struck both the proof and uncirculated editions of this silver dollar, and these coins were available for purchase throughout the entire year of 2005. Despite the superior artistry of this coin as compared to several other entries of the time, the theme was simply not compelling enough to prompt large sales. Proofs outsold uncirculated pieces by nearly three to one, yet their combined total still fell far short of the mintage ceiling.


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2005 P JOHN MARSHALL S$1 PF Ultra Cameo
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Total Graded: 3274
Low Grade: 66
Average Grade: 69
High Grade: 70

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Auction House
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6/3/2008 NGC PF 69   Ultra Cameo Heritage Auctions Tuesday Internet Coin Auction #28062, 28062/Lot# 23299 $31.00
1/5/2009 NGC PF 69   Ultra Cameo Teletrade Auction 2636, 2636/Lot# 1901 $29.00
4/30/2009 NGC PF 70   Ultra Cameo David Lawrence Rare Coins Thursday - Internet Auction # 367, 373/Lot# 6119 $104.65
11/3/2011 PCGS PF 70   Ultra Cameo Heritage Auctions Thursday Modern Coin Auctions Session(1), 241145/Lot# 16310 $138.00
11/13/2011 PCGS PF 70   Ultra Cameo Heritage Auctions Internet Coin Auction Session(2), 131147/Lot# 27564 $126.50
12/9/2012 NGC PF 70   Ultra Cameo GreatCollections GreatCollections Coin Auctions 12/09/2012, 52/Lot# 75040 $61.60
6/9/2013 PCGS PF 69   Ultra Cameo Heritage Auctions Internet Coin Auction Session(2), 131325/Lot# 23693 $37.00

NGC Registry

NGC Registry Score 2005 P JOHN S$1 PF MARSHALL Cameo
2005 P JOHN S$1 PF MARSHALL Ultra Cameo
Registry Image Gallery
Grade: PF 70 UC
Points: 366
Owner: Alex J. Llorente
Grade: PF 70 UC
Points: 366
Owner: Beijim
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